January Quilts 2019

January was a face your fears month for me.   A very good customer of mine left me with one of her precious works of art – about two years ago!  I decided that January 2019 it was time to just face that wall hanging and do the best I could do with it.  It was a custom quilting job and those always put me on edge feeling that I’m not quite up to par with the tasks that it takes to do a quilt justice when custom quilting.  

I am not a fan of most custom quilting.  Yes, you read that correctly, I do not like most of the custom quilting that I see.

My quilting style does not blend well with the current trend of most custom quilts that are done.  I am a firm believer that my customers work should always first and foremost remain the focus of the quilt, not the quilting, not my work.  I also believe that custom quilting does not immediately make a quilt an “heirloom” quilt that will be treasured for generations to come.  I may be the odd man out, but that’s how I roll!

Here is what I did manage to get quilted….

A couple of great quilts from Betty in NC.  LOVE the t-shirt quilt, always have, always will.   I just love seeing the events that have been extra special in that person’s life reflected by the t-shirts they collected.  This one was full of great theater shirts, what fun!!  Betty’s second quilt is a beautiful quilt we’ve seen in a couple of different colors.  Her’s all decked out in shades of purple was just stunning!

Cathie from CT finished up this great large hexie quilt using modern fun fabrics with lots of bright colors and fun flowers.  Bee’s were part of the theme so we just had to finish it off with a bee and flower quilting design, just perfect!

WOW!  How spectacular is this bargello quilt from Pat in CT?  Love her fabric selection and we went with a modern heart quilting design since this one is just for her!  Great job, Pat!!

Here’s another fantastic quilt from Renie!  Little houses all done up in blue with lots of machine applique to finish this one off magnificently.  The blue tones blend well with the winter-like theme of the quilt.  Two tone snowflakes and the tree branches with berries are wonderful additions for the house theme.  

Here’s a couple more quilts from Michele.  All done up in soft flannels it’s going to make these two great quilts warm and super cozy!  Full blown scrappy makes this just as sweet and calming as ever, perfect for those cold New Hampshire nights.

And here’s what I did the rest of the month…..

As always there are lots more photos of these great quilts at the other blog, here’s the link:

Thanks for checking in on me, hope you enjoyed the smaller show this month.  Check back again soon, I’ll have lots of quilts to share from February!



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